Mr. Slim M-Series Heating and Cooling System

About Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. was established in 1979 as a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan. Since then, they have been at the forefront of providing Canadians with unparalleled quality of heating and air conditioning technology, sales, installation and support. Our high standard of quality and efficiency saves you from rising energy costs and helps build a sustainable tomorrow. 

About M-Series

Mitsubishi Electric offers the M-Series system to meet temperature needs for Canadian families. The M-Series includes some of the highest SEER ratings in the industry and is extremely energy efficient while operating at levels you will not be able to hear. The M-series is available in ductless or ducted models and in multi-split or single-split systems.

More about the infrastructure

Mr. Slims M-Series Heating and Cooling System

Mitsubishi Electric compressor technology works on what is called Variable Compressor Speed Inverter technology (VCSi). Unlike conventional compressor, systems that turn on and off, the VCSi constantly changes based on the room temperature and readjusts the compressor speed to provide more heating or cooling as needed. What does this mean for you? Your home will always be at a comfortable temperature while using minimal energy.

Mr. Slim Multi-Split system allows for each room in your home to have its own set temperature, up to 8 indoor units in total and can all be connected to a single outdoor condenser unit. However, if you would like to cool only a single space in your home you should get the Mr. Slim Single Split system.

This unit uses a zone HVAC configuration where each heat pump has one or multiple air handlers and an outdoor condensing unit. All the indoor units are connected by the refrigerant lines. During the summertime, the system generates air conditioning as the refrigerant absorbs heat energy from inside your home and releases it outdoors. In the winter, the process is reversed such that the refrigerant extracts heat energy from the outside air and converts the heat inside to warm up your home.

The INVERTER-driven compressor technology allows for the system to speed up or slow down to match the exact heating and cooling needs of the space, which helps to keep efficiencies high and costs down.

This powerful but simple unit used for indoor and outdoor is connected by two refrigerant lines running through a 10-cm small opening in a wall or ceiling. For homes with standard ductwork, the multi position indoor unit can be used instead of an aging furnace and forced air systems.

The M-Series features allows for easy installation, no need for remodelling. Mitsubishi Electric made sure that whatever your needs are there is a solution that is right for you.

Breathe Easy Filters

Mr. Slim units use a multi-part filtration system that help reduce allergens, viruses, odours, and bacteria from air inside your home. The combination of filters provides clean healthy air environment in your home. Below is a list of filters used in the unit:

  • Nano-Platinum: Ceramic and platinum nanoparticles are incorporated into the filter material removing the four major air pollutants that are leading causes of illness – bacteria, viruses, allergens, and dust and deodorizes the air to improve air quality. The filter should be cleaned regularly to maintain effectiveness.
  • Electrostatic anti-allergen blue enzyme filter: This filter reduces the germs, bacteria and viruses in the air and helps trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles. It utilizes an enzyme catalyst to break down the sulfur atom bonds in allergen proteins, transforming them into non-allergen proteins, which cleans the air. The filter should be cleaned regularly to maintain effectiveness.
  • Deodorizing filter: Platinum Deodorizing filters use nanotechnology to absorb odors and neutralize the worst smells. Periodic cleaning, following the recommended procedures will maintain filter effectiveness.

Benefit from a Multi-Split or Single-Split system

How you Benefit from a Multi-Split or Single-Split system

We all know how cold Canadian temperatures get in the wintertime with average temperature between December and February around minus 4 degrees Celsius. While for some, cold Canadian temperature inspires them to engage in winter sports such as skiing and skating, everyone still needs to stay warm and cozy in the comfort of their home or office with the right heating solution. The Mitsubishi Electric M-Series provides just that with its high performance, product efficiencies, and cost savings like no other. Below are a few features that we wanted to highlight as key benefits for your home or office:

  • Provides better control than central system and continuous warmth even in extreme temperature
  • Higher SEER, EER, and HSPF and as a result you save up to 50% on your utility bill
  • Improves air quality providing healthy breathing environment for your home with sophisticated multi-part filtration system
  • Quiet technology that you will barely even hear
  • Heats up quickly, high rotation speed of the inverter system uses less current
  • Easy installation
  • Works well with or without ductwork

Warranty Information

M-Series systems are backed up by 5-year parts warranty and 7-year compressor warranty. When installation is done by a Mitsubishi Electric Authorized HVAC Installer you will receive an extended 10-year part and compressor warranty.

Additional Resources:

For more information, the Mitsubishi Electric website offers access to product specifications, webinars, technical support, and articles. You can also call The Boiler Shoppe to ask any more questions you may have; we are always happy to help you!