Bosch Inverter Ducted Split System

About the Bosch Inverter Ducted Split System

The energy-efficient Bosch Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) System is able to adjust its operations to provide the optimal temperature control, while also reducing utility costs for the home.

This system’s operating features work in tandem with the home’s current thermostat system to learn home temperature preferences, while performing with its integrated sound dampening technology to provide quiet efficiency.


  • Ultra – efficient inverter drive system is able to deliver up to 18 SEER, outperforming 1 and 2-stage systems
  • Variable Capacity Control to match fluctuating temperature loads
  • Maintain consistent desired room temperature with your choice of thermostat system
  • One of the Quietest systems, with outdoor sound levels as low as 56 dBA
  • 10-year Limited Residential Warranty

Why Choose Bosch Inverter Ducted Split System


Year-Round Comfort

The Bosch Inverter Ducted Split System ensures optimal indoor temperatures, offering cooling and heating capabilities for comfort in all seasons.

Energy Efficient

Experience reduced energy consumption with the system's advanced inverter technology, leading to lower utility bills and eco-friendly operation.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Enjoy a peaceful environment thanks to the system's exceptionally quiet operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

Reliable Performance

Built to last, this system offers dependable performance and durability, backed by Bosch's reputation for quality engineering.

Smart Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate with smart home systems for convenient remote control and monitoring, enhancing your home's comfort and efficiency.

Consistent Climate Control

Advanced sensors and controls maintain a consistent indoor climate, eliminating hot or cold spots for uniform comfort throughout your space.
Bosch Inverter Ducted Split System

System and Technical Information

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  • qxio-ios-plus-empty Robust & Reliable Indoor Air Handler
  • qxio-ios-plus-empty High-Efficiency Outdoor Condensing Section
  • qxio-ios-plus-empty Dependable & Multi-Positional Cased Coils
  • qxio-ios-plus-empty Cased Evaporator Coil
  • qxio-ios-plus-empty Cased Evaporator Coil Displaying Dual Drain Pan
  • qxio-ios-plus-empty Slide-Out for Uncased Coil Application
Heat Pump Principle
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Bosch Thermotechnology is renowned for their innovative designs, energy-saving concepts and environmental friendliness.

Home Efficiency Rebate
Inverter Ducted Split System

Inverter Ducted Split System

Overview of the Inverter Ducted Split System:

  • energy-efficient solution that optimizes temperature control and reduces utility costs
  • syncs with the existing thermostat to learn and maintain temperature preferences, while using sound-damping technology for quiet operation

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