Heat / Cool Ductless: Heat Pump MSZ-GL

Ductless A/C and Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric’s M-Series systems is innovative engineering that offers unique feature and functions to Canadian households. This can persevere through harsh winters by generating excellent heat performance in temperatures as low as below -25°C and beyond.

M-Series systems are highly energy-efficient, with some of the industry’s best SEER ratings. With indoor operating at no more than a whisper, heating and cooling are delivered in a quiet and elegant manner. Mr. Slim M-series systems are guaranteed to deliver reliable comfort and longevity.

One our most popular models is the Mitsubishi MSZ-GL series heat pump. Read the MSZ-GL series catalogue to learn more.

Heat Pump Advantages


Versatile Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps provide efficient year-round climate control, offering both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Energy Efficient

Heat pumps use less energy compared to traditional HVAC systems, leading to lower utility bills and eco-friendly operation.


With their energy-saving features, heat pumps can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs over time.

Consistent Comfort

Heat pumps maintain a steady, comfortable temperature, eliminating cold spots and ensuring even heating and cooling.

Quiet Operation

Operating more quietly than traditional heating or cooling systems, heat pumps ensure a peaceful indoor environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps have a smaller carbon footprint as they rely on electricity and efficient energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What to Expect from High-Performance Ductless Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Principle
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Ducted or ductless, you can trust the quality of Mitsubishi Electric systems to deliver years of reliable comfort and satisfaction.

Home Efficiency Rebate
Mr. Slim® MSY-Series A/C Mini Split Ductless system

Mr. Slim® MSY-Series A/C Mini Split

Overview of the Mr. Slim® MSY-Series A/C Mini Split Ductless system:

  • Merges unobtrusive functioning with advanced technology with noiseless fans and compressors that operate quietly
  • Integrates sophisticated engineering principles to maintain desired home environment, safeguarding energy costs
Home Efficiency Rebate
Mitsubishi MSZ GL Heat Pump

Mitsubishi MSZ GL Heat Pump

Overview of the Mitsubishi MSZ GL Heat Pump System:

  • Designed to maintain exceptional heating even when temperatures are as low as -25°C
  • Proficient in both heating and cooling, achieved by shifting heat between places
  • 40% more efficient than standard central air, elevating air quality while functioning quietly
Home Efficiency Rebate
Mitsubishi MSZ FH Heat Pump

Mitsubishi MSZ FH Heat Pump

Overview of the Mitsubishi MSZ FH Heat Pump System:

  • Provides top-notch heating performance, even when external temperatures descend to -25°C and lower
  • Designed to both heat and cool by relocating heat from one area to another
  • Its efficiency surpasses central air by up to 40%, enhancing air purity and operates more silently than the gentlest human whisper
Home Efficiency Rebate
Zuba Heat Pump

Zuba Heat Pump

Overview of the Zuba Heat Pump System:

  • Offers superior heating performance, standing its ground even amidst severely low external temperatures, courtesy of its unique and efficient Hyper-Heat Inverter technology
  • Maintains steady temperatures and ensures comfort while operating quietly
  • Eco-friendly technology that significantly enhances efficiency

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