Mitsubishi Ductless / Heat Pumps M-Series

Canadian temperatures are notorious for average temperatures of minus 4 degrees Celsius between December and February, sometimes extending through March. While cold temps inspire aficionados of skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowshoeing, there is an exigency around maintaining a warm, comfortable workplace and home. But before rushing to purchase a new heating system, know the key features to look for to enhance high performance, product efficiency and cost savings.

Features indicative of product superiority

The job of the heat pump is to transfer heat energy between the interior and exterior. The compressor in the heat pump is where a refrigerant is pressurized to produce a temperature increase. Conventional compressors cycle on and off to maintain temperature. When the compressor comes back on, it commences full speed to make up for small temperature changes.

Conversely, an energy-efficient compressor has built-in flexibility to adjust to slight temperature changes. The system will speed up and slow down to keep the warm temperature status quo, changing capacity as needed. The heat pump draws residual heat energy even when temperatures fall well below zero. The indoor coil of the system activates for a longer duration than the traditional model, resulting in minimal indoor temperature swings.

Inquire about the designated heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF). This is a measurement that reflects the heat pump operational efficiency level at certain outdoor temperatures. The higher the rating, the better the system will perform throughout the cold-weather season.

Innovative technology

The Mitsubishi electric heat pump yields temperature control effectiveness by utilizing the minimum amount of energy needed for homeostasis of the ideal room climate. This is made possible by a built-in mechanism known as a variable compressor speed inverter (VCSI). While traditional systems shut on and off to maintain room conditions, the VCSI can function at partial load. This intuitive technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed based on demand with minimal power for peak product efficiency.

The Mr. Slim M-series provides personalized comfort through its hyper-heat functionality, which yields high-heat capacity even when the outdoor temperature falls to minus 25 degrees Celsius. This line of heating systems offers low-ambient noise, and has been awarded 30-plus Energy Star-certified units and a high HSPF rating, which translates to optimum energy efficiency for cost savings and sustainability.

Ductless solutions

Whether you are in the market for a new installation or are planning to expand existing equipment but do not want to add ductwork, research the ductless model. Ductless systems are developed with a smart design that augments space, blends in with the surroundings and can save up to 50% of home heating expense. It is a simple installation that entails connecting the indoor and outdoor unit with two refrigerant lines through a small opening in the wall or ceiling. Ductless heat pumps are available for both residential and commercial properties.


The M-series systems are backed by a standard warranty of five years for parts and seven years for the compressor. An extended 10-year warranty on the parts and compressor is provided to the customer. The installation must be performed by a Mitsubishi-authorized HVAC technician.

Mitsubishi history

Mitsubishi carries a fascinating history that dates back to 1870. Yataro Iwasaki, the founder, initially launched a shipping operation with three relatively old steamships. Family relations occupied the role of company president at various times, each of them expanding the business during their respective terms to develop and build the bedrock of Mitsubishi. During World War II, the company manufactured military war planes used in kamikaze attacks. Following World War II, the legacy Mitsubishi organization dispersed into independent companies.

Our website offers product descriptions and brochures with copious details on the Mr. Slim M-series systems and Mitsubishi ductless products. If your home or business would benefit from heating equipment that is energy-efficient, technology-driven, eco-friendly and cost-effective, these products may be your solution.