What to Expect During Your HVAC Maintenance Visit

Maintenance for your HVAC system can ensure the smooth functioning of your heating and air conditioning system, as well as prevent potential future issues. When contacting us at The Boiler Shoppe, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of what to anticipate during your HVAC maintenance appointment and clarify the following details.

  • Checking the Connections on the Electrical Parts
    The connections on all of the electrical parts need to be checked for tightness and tested for functionality, changed out when necessary. If a connection is loose, the system could fail or even cause a fire. 
  • Testing that the Thermostat Operates Properly through Calibration
    Your thermostat also needs to be calibrated so that it is able to read the temperature correctly. This calibration test will involve turning on and off the equipment while readings are obtained so that high performance can be achieved. When the thermostat is calibrated, you are able to save on energy consumption and also prevent future issues.
  • Conducting Safety Checks
    When safety checks are conducted, you are able to eliminate possible issues with exhaust and flames when maintenance is made on the heating system. When a safety check is made on the air conditioning, the maintenance will help eliminate leaks and allow your HVAC system to last longer.
  • Maintaining the Blower Motor
    In order for the HVAC system to be operating properly, its blower motor needs to be functioning completely. By having your blower motor and fan inspected annually, it will ensure that it is operating at its peak.
  • Coil Cleaning
    The coils in the air conditioning system can easily leak if not cleaned and maintained. The cleaning needs to include the removal of dirt and any grime that is present. This cleaning should occur at least annually so that performance can be at its peak. If your AC coils are neglected, the cost for repair could be significant.
  • Maintaining Combustion and Heat Exchanger
    The chamber in the furnace is known as the heat exchanger and where the flame travels through. When the heat exchanger is being maintained the standards used need to be high in regards to cleanliness and restrictions. If not, then the system could cause harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide to back up into the HVAC system.
  • Maintaining Levels of Refrigerant
    Also referred to as a closed-loop system, the air conditioner’s refrigerant makes its way through the pipes and passes throughout the system returning to the starting point and cycling this way continuously. In order for this cycle to run continuously, you need to ensure that there are no leaks present. Leaks can be prevented if the refrigerant level is not filled more that is needed. Regardless, when a leak does occur, it can be corrected right away.
  • Inspecting the Air Filters
    When inspected and replaced regularly, the filters are able to keep the entire system clean while maintaining its airflow at the minimum levels during a cycle.

When you contact The Boiler Shoppe, you will be thoroughly informed about what you can expect from a maintenance visit.Not only with you enjoy how your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently, you’ll also love that we are a call away in order to perform any tune-up that you may request.

The professional HVAC specialists at The Boiler Shoppe install and service all types of boiler, heat pumpsair conditioning,  radiators and hot water systems. No matter what type of system you need maintenance for, we are always ready to get the job done.