Is Bosch's Inverter Ducted Split System A Long Term Solution?

When it comes to a heating and cooling solution without breaking the bank or renovating your home, Bosch's Inverter Ducted Split System is the perfect solution. This is a must-have for your home.

Why Choose Bosch's Inverter Ducted Split System?

Bosch's IDS System offers many features you won't find in other standard products. Its quiet operation and industry-leading durability are unparalleled to other comparable products. The system's inverter technology gives the user ultimate control over the temperature, giving you a more personal experience in your home heating and cooling.

  • Easy and Flexible Installation
    One of the best features of Bosch's IDS System is the fact that it can be easily installed with no ductwork needed. This preserves the aesthetic appeal of your home. The system is designed to be hooked into any home easily, so you won't need to worry about costly renovations when upgrading your home's comfort.
  • Maintains Consistent Room Temperatures
    The system has an inverter-driven technology, which ensures your home remains at a consistent temperature throughout the year, even if the weather outside is below freezing. The inverter automatically senses when your home needs cooling or heating and responds accordingly. Simply put, this means the unit will respond faster than a traditional heat pump -- it takes an average of three minutes for an IDS System to reach its desired temperature. Air is evenly distributed to each room, so you're guaranteed a comfortable space no matter the time of day.
  • Powerful and Quiet Motor
    The system's motor is powerful without being loud. It utilizes silent blade technology and sound-isolating mounts. It is almost silent when running, with outdoor sound as low as 56dBA, so it won't be distracting or disruptive when using the appliance in your home.
  • Optimizes comfort for all Flooring Types
    The IDS System is designed to maintain optimal temperature, even when used on hardwood, tile or carpeted floors. This feature ensures that no matter the flooring material or finish, your floor will remain cool or warm throughout the day and night without fail.
  • Efficient Energy Consumption
    The system consumes less energy than previous models, so it's a cost-effective and environmentally conscious option to ensure your home is energy efficient. The system's high-efficiency motors and inverters ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. It can save you on your monthly power bill while ensuring you always have a comfortable home.
  • Simple Set-Up & Control Options
    Bosch's IDS System has a simple setup, combined with different ways to control the temperature in your home. It can be easily programmed to a desired temperature each time you want to use the system. It's also suitable for use with any conventional 24 VDC thermostat.
  • Built-In Intelligence
    A new feature of the system is its built-in intelligence. The system attends to unusual temperature changes, such as sudden dips and spikes, and automatically adjusts the temperature to a steady level avoiding energy spikes. This keeps the machine's integrity intact, and also saves you time and money since you won't have to set different temperatures for different times of the day. The built-in intelligence can learn from your routine and can adjust its operation to provide comfort at any time of day.
  • Durable and Reliable System
    The whole IDS system has an industry-leading residential limited warranty of 10 years. This guarantees that the system is built to be long-lasting and will perform at peak performance for years to come, giving you peace of mind in your Toronto home.

With a price comparable to other brands, Bosch's system surpasses them in quality, comfort and convenience.  If you're interested in installing a Bosch's IDS system or want more information about how this appliance can benefit your Toronto home, please call us.

Looking for a Boiler Instead?

If a ductless heating system is not what you're looking for, a Boiler is a great investment for your home because they provide consistent heat distribution and don't rely on the air currents that traditional heating systems need. Boilers offer a longer lifespan than conventional furnaces and require less frequent repairs, so you won't have to worry about an annual service call soon.

Additionally, boilers are designed to be eco-friendly and saves you money in the long run. If you're looking to heat your home without causing harm to the environment and without spending extra on heating appliances.

Benefits of a Boiler

  • Longer Life Span
    Boilers have a longer life span than traditional furnaces. With conventional furnaces, you will typically have to replace the whole unit every other year. With a boiler, you can expect to receive more than 30 years of service.
  • Reliable Heat Distribution
    With traditional furnaces, you'll have to adjust your thermostat regularly because air currents determine the heat being distributed in your home.
  • Fewer Repairs and Less Maintenance
  • With traditional furnaces, you need to pay attention to various maintenance issues. These appliances require frequent cleaning, regular inspection and occasional repair. 
  • Cost Effective
    A boiler is extremely cost-effective as it will require fewer repairs and services, and you won't need to worry about replacing it soon. In the long run, your boiler will prove to be an economical investment.
  • Boiler Repair and Reliable Service
    Boilers installed by The Boiler Shoppe have been designed and engineered by professionals. This means that you can count on your boiler to provide safe and reliable heating for years to come. If your boiler does need repair or service, the company is available 24/7 and features extended service hours.

Installation and Service

The Boiler Shoppe certified professionals are trained to perform fast and effective installation. All the necessary accessories and materials will be provided during installation, so you don't have to worry about anything. Additionally, our professionals will offer quick service when you need repairs or maintenance. 

So, if you're ready to install a boiler in your Toronto home, contact us today!

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