Ductless HVAC Outperforms Energy-Guzzling Systems with Style

Many homeowners do not choose to have central air conditioning for practical and understandable reasons. Attic space in low or flat-roofed homes prevents the installation of ductwork. Retrofitting older structures to permit it requires a significant investment in money, time and disruption to home life. A new bedroom or workroom may give you space to expand, but it becomes a significant project to heat and cool it with a central HVAC system. As affordable and efficient alternatives, mini or multi ductless units offer many options worth considering.

Control Each Room Independently

Ductless air conditioning provides a separate air handler for each room. You can raise or lower the temperature in any room to suit your comfort preferences.

With central HVAC systems, a thermostat sets the amount of warm or cold air that affects the entire house. With ductless, you get a faster response with a system that treats a smaller space without the expense of affecting the temperature in a home.

Decrease Dust in the Air

With a ductless system, you avoid forcing air through the ductwork spaces that can allow dust to accumulate. The quality of air that you breathe improves, and the reduction in dust means less furniture dusting and polishing.

The efficiency of ductless systems produces cleaner air with fewer contaminants and pollutants.

Avoid Energy Waste

Ductless systems operate in your home's finished areas instead of the attic where HVAC ducts lose energy. During the winter, an attic's temperatures reach outdoor air levels, and the summer heat may register as much as 50 degrees higher.

The electricity that systems require to convert air from the attic environment into a comfortable level increases your utility bill significantly. Leaks and gaps in HVAC ducts allow about 30 percent of energy to escape.

Efficiently Replace Window Units and Space Heaters

Aside from blocking your view from a window, portable air conditioners create an unattractive presence in a room that demands attention. The inefficiency of space heaters makes them produce less heat than you need for comfort.

When you replace them with a mini or multi ductless system, you achieve greater efficiency and create the aesthetic ambiance that welcomes friends and family. The SEER and EER ratings indicate the energy they save, and ductless systems have high ratings that increase efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Prevent Potential Health Concerns

The ductwork in air conditioning systems provides an ideal space for algae, fungi and mold to thrive. As the air spreads throughout a home, the bacteria affect it and may lead to respiratory issues.

With ductless heating and cooling systems, comprehensive filtration efficiently works to remove dust and pollutants. Some HEPA filters can trap close to 100 percent of airborne particles at least 0.3 microns in size.

Enjoy Warm or Cool Air

Advances in technology allow ductless systems to provide heating as well as cooling in standard models. Working as reversible units that can provide the room temperatures you prefer throughout the year, ductless heat pumps require no modification.

While the ability of mini or multi units to provide air conditioning may seem more familiar to you, a reversible system can keep you comfortable during all seasons.

Control Heating and Cooling with Your SmartPhone

The convenience of controlling your air conditioner from any location enhances the attractiveness of ductless systems. Smart AC controllers allow your equipment to communicate through Wi-Fi, giving you access to adjusting the temperature from your device.

Instead of relying on a thermostat to regulate heating or cooling levels, you can get results more efficiently and economically. Features can provide information that you may want to know about usage history and triggers that respond to temperature and humidity levels. You can control, manage and monitor your system from any Wi-Fi location.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As knowledge of environmental issues increases, it provides information about air conditioning's impact on the planet. The government-sponsored Energy Star program cites some benefits of choosing ductless technology for new construction, room additions or introducing air conditioning to previously untreated spaces. Homes with central HVAC may find many advantages that include lower fuel costs, flexibility and energy efficiency.

Older homes can accept ductless heating and cooling when traditional ductwork presents insurmountable obstacles. A new type of refrigerant, R410A, reduces the carbon footprint for ductless systems and minimizes the impact on the ozone layer.

Installation with Ease

Compared with the considerable investment in labor and materials to install ductwork in a home, the hassle-free installation of a ductless HVAC system presents a dramatic difference. While ductwork requires a network of air carriers in an attic, ductless systems require none of the disruptive work that tears ceilings apart. No unsightly registers or vents need a hole in a wall for the distribution of treated air.

An installation damages no walls or ceiling and requires only a small hole behind a unit that does not show later. You can transform a room with an efficient, quiet system that lets you control the temperature with minimal time for installation.

Freedom from Maintenance Requirements

The upkeep on traditional HVAC systems mounts every year with the expense of inspections and repairs to the complicated equipment. Ductless mini or multi systems have minimal requirements to remain in excellent running condition.

Regular cleaning and washing of the filters can remove the trapped pollutants to maintain excellent efficiency and maintain air quality. Tremendous savings can result from a system that does not need an inspection of ducts, cleaning vents in each room or sealing leaks in the ductwork.

Extend the Life of Your System

Any air conditioning system can benefit from routine care that extends its life. You may want to vacuum the filters or wash them with soapy water and rinse at the change of seasons. A check of the outside unit can reveal any leaks that may require professional attention. As you use your ductless system throughout the year, some preventive maintenance measures can make it last longer. Windows allow heat or cold to enter, making the air conditioner work harder, but drapes or window film can help.

You can lower the heat from lighting by replacing the outmoded incandescent bulbs with LED and reducing your system's workload. Ventilation with ceiling fans or open windows can rid your room of heat and moisture when weather permits.

Get Rebates for Ductless Heating and Cooling

The advantages of a mini or multi ductless system for your home may include rebates or special offers for Energy Star certified products. The strict energy-efficient specifications that they meet can produce incentives for utility companies to reward you for using them.

The energy that your ductless system requires may allow it to serve other consumers or meet pressing demands. The energy-saving technology can help you save money on utility bills and contribute to protecting the planet