Ducted Air Conditioning is a Thing of the Past

Over the years, due to global warming, there have been significant changes to the earth’s temperatures, and we as humans have to find a way to deal with it. One of the best and most efficient ways we have been using to control the temperature in our surroundings, especially in our homes or workplaces, is by using air conditioning units. Ducted and ductless air conditioning systems are the two most popular air conditioning units.

With the continuing rise in the prices of gas and electricity, most Canadians have to find a cost-effective way to deal with the extreme weather conditions in the country. Because of this, most Canadians are joining the revolution and embracing ductless air conditioning. In this article, you will learn why ducted air conditioning is a thing of the past, and the future is ductless.

What are ducted and ductless air conditioning?

Before we go further, you must be able to distinguish between ducted and ductless air conditioning and how they work.

Ducted air conditioning.

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioning utilizes ducts spread all over the building to heat or cool the building. The central unit of the ducted air conditioning system is responsible for providing the hot or cool air, which is then spread throughout the building by the ducts. It comprises a compressor, an air handling system, and a condenser. There are two major types of ducted air conditioning units these are split central air conditioners and packaged central air conditioners.

How does the ducted air conditioning unit work?

Ducted air conditioning uses a refrigerant to alter the air temperature. A refrigerant is a substance that has the ability to change between gas and liquid. It is during this change that the refrigerant is able to change the temperature of the room by cooling or heating the air it pulls from the room. In cooling mode, the warm air is pulled into the system by a blower, where it goes through the evaporator coils containing the refrigerant.

The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the hot air and turns it into high-pressure gas. The pressured gas is then moved to the compressor, where the gas is condensed into a liquid which is passed through the condenser, where it depressurizes. It is then disseminated into the room, thus lowering the temperature. In heat mode, the refrigeration cycle is reversed, and the condenser becomes the evaporator. The air IS pulled into the system is then turned into heat, thus raising the room temperature.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning

  • Remove humidity at a greater rate.
  • They are discrete.
  • They are permanent.


  • The ducts can be breeding grounds for animals.
  • They require intensive maintenance.
  • They are expensive to install and maintain.
  • They do not apply to all building plans.
  • They have low-efficiency ratings, according to SEER.

Ductless air conditioning.

Now, these are the most advanced and cost-effective versions of air conditioning units. Unlike the ducted units, the ductless units don't require ducts to move air around the building. Instead, they blow the air directly into your living space. Ductless air conditioning units are made up of an indoor air-handling and an outdoor unit.

The two units are linked by a copper conduit that houses the condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, power cable, and suction tubing. There are several types of ductless air conditioning units, such as window units, wall-mounted mini-splits, floor-mounted mini splits, portable air conditioners, and cassette-type air conditioners.

How do ductless air conditioning units work?

With ductless units, the indoor units contain an evaporator, and the outdoor unit contains a compressor. The compressor has the ability to convert the low-pressure gas refrigerant into a high-pressure gas. There is also a condenser fan that is used to remove excess heat while increasing the pressure of the refrigerant.

Once the refrigerant is converted into a liquid from a high-pressure gas, it is passed through the evaporator coils, where the pressure decreases. Due to the pressure change, the refrigerant will absorb the excess heat from you’re the air. Once the air becomes cooler, the fan in the evaporator system is triggered, and it starts distributing and dispensing the cold air into the room.

After the cooling process ends, the refrigerant is converted into low-pressured gas and transported back to the compressor. This cycle is repeated till it reaches your desired temperature. If you stay in Toronto and are looking for quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance services, look no further. The Boiler Shoppe's electrical installation services are who you are looking for.

Advantages of ductless air conditioning.

  • They are based on the principle of minimalism, thus making them quite discrete due to the lack of ducts.
  • Allows you the option to create multiple temperature zones in your building using the same system.
  • They are highly economical due to their higher efficiency rates.
  • They are highly advanced due to the presence of an inverter which enables the user to speed up or slow down the heating and cooling process on demand.
  • Better air quality due to the absence of ducts.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Easy to install.
  • Cheaper to maintain compared to ducted air conditioning units.

Disadvantages of ductless air conditioning.

  • The indoor unit is not so discreet.
  • High initial cost, but it is recoupable due to the services it offers.

Ducted air conditioning units vs. ductless conditioning units.

  • Carbon footprint
    Ductless air conditioning units have a lower carbon footprint compared to ducted conditioning units making them environmentally friendly.
  • Costs
    The installation and maintenance costs of a ductless air conditioning system are relatively lower than those of a ducted air conditioning system.
  • Space
    Ductless air conditioning units require less space compared to ducted air conditioning units.
  • Energy efficient
    Ductless units are more energy efficient compared to ductless units.
  • Innovative and advanced
    Ductless air conditioning systems are far much advanced compared to ducted air conditioning systems.
  • Installation
    Ductless air conditioning systems are much easier to install compared to ducted air conditioning systems.
  • Variety
    Ductless air conditioning is customizable, versatile, and offers a wide variety compared to ducted air conditioning.

As you have now noticed, there are many reasons why ductless air conditioning is the best choice to serve your air conditioning needs.

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